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The family business based in Izegem, Belgium was established by the Vanrobaeys family and was acquired by Jorgen and Peter Vanrobaeys, two cousins of the third generation, about 20 years ago. Under their leadership, Vanrobaeys became an established market player and at the same time one of the fastest growing companies in the Belgian sector of timber trade and decorative panels. This strong position is based on the successful combination of a high quality offering, with a strong focus on decorative wood panels, customer intimacy and a highly valued delivery reliability and speed, driven by highly automated production and logistics.

Next to a number of own brands, Vanrobaeys offers a wide range of the highest quality wood and interior building materials, with a focus on decorative wood-based panels. The company also has its own production department in which laminates are carefully glued onto wooden panels. An additional service offered to the wood professional is sawing, edging and drilling of all types of wood panels.

The strong focus on service, speed and reliability of delivery, next to the offering of additional added value have been instrumental to the success and growth of Vanrobaeys.

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Our contribution

With the entry of Sofindev, the Vanrobaeys group attracts a strong financial and strategic partner to support the growth ambitions of the company. Efforts shall be made to broaden and deepen the product offering and to support the expansion of the current team and its competences. Strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses are also part of the growth strategy.

“We have known the partners of Sofindev for a long time and have followed each other closely over the years. Opening up the capital of your family business is not something you do with just anyone! Sofindev's entry is a well thought out decision and part of our ambition to further grow and develop our company.”

Peter & Jorgen Vanrobaeys
Managing Directors

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