MEDIAGENIX and BeBanjo join forces to expand global product leadership in media business management solutions.

The partnership between MEDIAGENIX and BeBanjo brings together the best-in-class scheduling & programming solution with the best-in-class cloud-native VOD scheduling & planning solution in one portfolio. The combined companies and solutions will strengthen each other in delivering content-centric business management software to the full spectrum of media operators, ranging from broadcasters who are increasingly monetizing their content through a variety of new distribution models, up to the streaming-centric market segments where VOD-first solutions are critical for success.

The acquisition is a logical step for MEDIAGENIX as a global media business and technology innovator, which enriches its solution portfolio and anticipates media companies’ need for greater agility, scalability, and efficiency. MEDIAGENIX and BeBanjo together will be better able to help clients engage target audiences, minimize OPEX and maximize content ROI.

MEDIAGENIX and BeBanjo share an impressive customer base of iconic media brands who can now enjoy the benefits of the breadth and reliability of the WHATS’ON platform in combination with the best-of-breed VOD-first solution Movida.

Publié le 15-07-2022
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Un partenariat de confiance axé sur la création de valeur

En tant que partenaires, nous voulons bâtir une relation qui repose sur la confiance, le respect, la transparence et l’implication personnelle. C’est comme ça que nous fonctionnons, toujours. Ensemble, nous travaillons à une création de valeur qui a du sens : pour les entreprises et nos investisseurs, mais aussi pour notre environnement et la société.
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