The Vanrobaeys group and Sofindev join forces and conclude partnership to support the further growth of Vanrobaeys

Sofindev has reached an agreement with Peter and Jorgen Vanrobaeys about a partnership and entry in the capital of Vanrobaeys. Peter and Jorgen Vanrobaeys remain shareholders and continue the daily management of Vanrobaeys.

Through its partnership with Sofindev, Vanrobaeys prepares itself to continue its strong growth path of the previous years, as specialized timber wholesale group and service provider with a focus on decorative wood panels. The partnership aims to strengthen the position of Vanrobaeys in the Belgian market, with a further deepening and broadening of its product and service offering to its customer, the wood professional.

The investment in Vanrobaeys is the second investment of the recently established SOFINDEV V fund, after its first investment in the IT services company Christiaens, in June 2020.

Published on 02-10-2020
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