The IT services group around Christiaens expands further with Esign and continues under the group name Dynamate

Full of enthusiasm and pride, the group around IT company Christiaens announces that it is joining forces with Ghent-based Esign, which, as an official Shopify Plus partner, is the specialist in Shopify (Plus), online and mobile software solutions, performance marketing and marketplace sales. This new milestone for the group is also combined with the launch of a shared identity and a complete rebranding. From today, the group is positioning itself as a single brand called Dynamate.

Hillewaert welcomes Sofindev as a strategic partner

Sofindev has reached an agreement with Kris Hillewaert and Patrick Hillewaere on a partnership and entry into the capital of Hillewaert BV and its subsidiaries Hillewaert Nederland and Mertens-Faema. Kris Hillewaert and Patrick Hillewaere remain shareholders and will remain responsible as managing directors for the daily management of Hillewaert. With Sofindev's entry into Hillewaert, a reliable and strong financial and strategic partner comes on board to continue the growth and international development of its activities. Together with management the focus will be on the expansion of the solution offering and the existing customer base, but also strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses in regions where Hillewaert is not yet active is one of the growth areas. In addition, a training and experience center will be opened to help customers get to know the possibilities of Hillewaert's offering even better.

The Wopaco group continues to expand: Mekranoti, specialized wholesaler of interior doors and ready-to-install door sets, joins forces with Vanrobaeys and Gesibois, supported by Sofindev

After the recent combination of the specialized wholesalers in decorative panels Vanrobaeys and Gesibois, in December 2022, Mekranoti is now also joining the Wopaco group. Mekranoti, based in Dottignies, managed and previously owned by Jan Florin, has become part of 'Wopaco' ('Wood Panel Company'), the parent holding company of Vanrobaeys and Gesibois, in which Jan Florin acquires a minority interest. Jan Florin remains responsible for the day-to-day management of Mekranoti.

Sofindev creates new Sofindev VI fund with € 250 million capital

Diegem, 23 December 2022 – Sofindev, a leading investment company specialized in private equity investments (buy-outs and growth capital) in small and medium-sized enterprises based in the Benelux, is creating a new fund, Sofindev VI, with a capital of € 250 million. The new fund aims to continue Sofindev's strategy of creating meaningful value through reliable partnerships with ambitious entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized companies in the Benelux region. To support the growth of Sofindev and its portfolio companies, the Sofindev team was expanded in recent months and a Dutch partner has been recruited.

Vanrobaeys and Gesibois, specialists in decorative wood panels, join forces with the support of Sofindev

The specialized wholesalers in decorative wood panels, Vanrobaeys and Gesibois, join forces and form a strategic partnership, with support of Sofindev, the majority shareholder of the combined group. The shareholders of Gesibois have reinvested their proceeds in the holding above Vanrobaeys, Wopaco (“Wood Panel Company”), in which they acquire a substantial minority stake, alongside existing shareholders, Jorgen and Peter Vanrobaeys, CEO Nathalie Lagae, and Sofindev. The operational shareholders, Jorgen and Peter Vanrobaeys and Nathalie Lagae on the one hand, and Tom and Mireille Oostendorp on the other hand, each remain responsible for their respective companies Vanrobaeys and Gesibois, together with the management teams of both companies.

Loyals Group strenghtens its service offering wih sixth label Smartranking

SEO agency Smartranking joins Loyals Group, which is a major step forward in the growth ambition of the fastgrowing digital agency group in the Netherlands. With this, Loyals Group strengthens its service offering in digital transformation and brand building with a specialised label in online marketing and can offer improved and extended services to clients. In addition, Loyals Group further expands its presence in the Netherlands geographically with a new branch in Groningen, in addition to existing locations in Mijdrecht, Enschede and Amsterdam.

WVT Industries and Chemtec Chemicals join forces to accelerate growth in cleaning chemicals in the maritime industry.

The combination of both companies will enable WVT Industries to dispose of a broad offering of specialised tank cleaning products, as well as an even easier access to the international market. In addition, this partnership is a unique opportunity for WVT Industries to strongly position itself together with Chemtec Chemicals within the German chemical, petrochemical, and tank cleaning industry.

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