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With Sofindev on board, Mabo has found the right partner to further support the company, with respect for its culture and values which the company attaches much value to. With the support of Sofindev, 2 acquisitions were swiftly realised, which on the one hand allowed Mabo to expand its activities to the whole Benelux, and on the other hand added an automation division to the offering in addition to the traditional forklift trucks. Partially thanks to Sofindev, these add-ons were realised and integrated in the group. In addition, Sofindev remains a strategic partner to Mabo in further identifying and analysing organic as well as external growth opportunities, with the objective of becoming the reference for manual and automated material handling solutions. Discover their story.

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As a partner, we want to build a relationship that rests on trust, respect, transparency, personal involvement, and commitment. That's how we operate, always. Together we create meaningful value for the companies and our investors, but also for our environment and society.

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The IT services group around Christiaens expands further with Esign and continues under the group name Dynamate

Full of enthusiasm and pride, the group around IT company Christiaens announces that it is joining forces with Ghent-based Esign, which, as an official Shopify Plus partner, is the specialist in Shopify (Plus), online and mobile software solutions, performance marketing and marketplace sales. This new milestone for the group is also combined with the launch of a shared identity and a complete rebranding. From today, the group is positioning itself as a single brand called Dynamate.

Hillewaert welcomes Sofindev as a strategic partner

Sofindev has reached an agreement with Kris Hillewaert and Patrick Hillewaere on a partnership and entry into the capital of Hillewaert BV and its subsidiaries Hillewaert Nederland and Mertens-Faema. Kris Hillewaert and Patrick Hillewaere remain shareholders and will remain responsible as managing directors for the daily management of Hillewaert. With Sofindev's entry into Hillewaert, a reliable and strong financial and strategic partner comes on board to continue the growth and international development of its activities. Together with management the focus will be on the expansion of the solution offering and the existing customer base, but also strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses in regions where Hillewaert is not yet active is one of the growth areas. In addition, a training and experience center will be opened to help customers get to know the possibilities of Hillewaert's offering even better.
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