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Business partners
Barth Foucart & Denis Solvay
Equity stake
2007 (Exit in 2013)
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Abelag (now Luxaviation Belgium) is the Benelux market leader in offering taxi, business flights and ad hoc medical flights. The company is based in the airports of Brussels, Wevelgem and Antwerp, where it also offers FBO (Fixed Based Operations) services to its customers. Abelag also provides technical services (PART 145 recognition) for the maintenance of aircraft.

The company was founded in 1964 by a pioneer of modern business aviation, to progressively grow into a group with a fleet of more than 30 aircraft, from small VLJ (Very Light Jets) to large jets suitable for transatlantic flights.

These services are offered to a diversified customer base of multinationals, international organisations, but also local entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals.

Our contribution

With a view to strengthening Abelag in a dynamic and consolidating market context, entrepreneur and main shareholder Barth Foucart entered into a partnership with Sofindev in 2007. Together with Sofindev, tangible value creation was worked on, among other things, by strengthening the organisation, renewing the concession agreements of strategic locations at airports, looking at a number of concrete acquisition opportunities abroad, as well as starting up business flight activities in France and the Netherlands.

After a successful collaboration between Sofindev and the management of Abelag, a partnership was entered in 2013 with the Luxembourg group Luxaviation. This created the European leader in business aviation, with a fleet of more than 60 aircraft and operations in France, Germany and the Benelux.

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“Sofindev has supported us in the further expansion of our company by offering the right expertise, while at the same time fully respecting the entrepreneurial nature of Abelag.”

Barth Foucart
CEO Abelag

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