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Arco is a Belgian company with many years of expertise in cooling technology. Arco was founded by Luc Van Raemdonck and has three offices in Belgium: in Lokeren (head office), in Geel and in Charleroi. As a refrigeration company, Arco develops, renews, installs and maintains refrigeration and freezer installations, supermarket installations, air conditioning and heat pumps and air treatment systems. Arco specialises in developing, renewing, installing and maintaining refrigeration and freezer systems based on natural refrigerants such as ammonia or CO2. Every refrigeration project is unique, which is why Arco works closely with the customer to arrive at the best solution.

Cooling represents an important part of its customers' energy consumption. Thanks to innovative installations based on natural refrigerants, Arco contributes to greater energy efficiency and sustainable refrigeration technology to produce and store food and pharmaceutical products at the right temperature. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of cooling technology, combined with legislation and regulations, and complemented by the necessary certifications, Arco is at home in all possible refrigeration technologies. Besides development and installation, Arco has a team of specialised and certified technicians to ensure the maintenance of cooling systems. Arco also offers a 24-hour fault-clearing service to its customers.

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Our contribution

With Sofindev, Arco brings on board a powerful financial and strategic partner to continue the strong growth of its business. Arco will thereby seek to strengthen its position in its home market and continue its growth in Belgium and possibly beyond, organically and possibly also through acquisition.

“After the strong growth of recent years, we started looking for further strategic and financial support and a party that can ensure continuity. Arco found this with Sofindev, which, in addition to the strategic and financial expertise it brings, also respects Arco's corporate culture. This was clear from the very first meeting with the Sofindev team.”

Luc Van Raemdonck

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