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Companyweb is a successful provider of trading and business information, payment behaviour and creditworthiness of companies through an innovative online platform. Companyweb was founded in 2004 by Patrick De Smet and Ilse Getteman.

In recent years, Companyweb has become the most consulted company database in Belgium. Companyweb has now managed to convince numerous companies of its high-quality range of trade and business information on unbeatable terms. Unique in its offer is the annual subscription formula in which clients get virtually unlimited access to key figures and data of all Belgian companies and a large number of foreign companies.

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Companyweb gives its clients access to the creditworthiness, survival rates, payment capacity, profitability, stability and other key factors of each company in Belgium in an easy and clear way via its secure website (and via its mobile app).

Thanks to this wealth of information, she offers her clients the tools to assess a business themselves – customer, prospect, supplier, competitor – and effectively understand who they do business with and with whom they should not cooperate.

Our contribution

In 2018, Sofindev entered Companyweb's capital with a substantial minority stake. Through the partnership with Sofindev, Companyweb continues to build its strong position as a specialised online provider of trade and business information. We challenge management, act as a sounding board for both operational and strategic decisions, and bring management into contact with people from our network who offer tangible added value.

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“We wanted to attract a partner who can ensure continuity and support us in our future growth. We found the best partner in Sofindev.”

Ilse Getteman
Founders Companyweb

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