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Dynamate is the group above Christiaens, Hamonize IT, denk IT and Esign.

Christiaens, based in Passendale, Belgium, is a fast-growing full service IT services provider. With a team of experienced and highly skilled employees, Dynamate implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP software and related software solutions. In addition, Christiaens provides IT infrastructure solutions including hardware, system and office software, backup, cloud, virtualization, network management, IT security and IT management to small and medium-sized organizations. Christiaens Computer Service was founded in 1982 by Marc Christiaens and thanks in part to the support of his sons Alexander and Olivier, who are in charge of operational management, Christiaens has grown into a leading player in the Belgian IT services market.

In December 2021, a first joining of forces was realized with Harmonize IT, specialist in business software focused on the chemical sector. In September 2023, the group around Christiaens was further strengthened with the investment in denk IT, a specialist in tailoring optimal IT solutions and support for SMEs and larger enterprises, focusing on IT infrastructure, security, VoIP, managed services, and Microsoft 365 integrations and development. In April 2024, the group strengthens with the arrival of Esign from Ghent, which as an official Shopify Plus partner, is the specialist in Shopify (Plus), online and mobile software solutions, performance marketing and marketplace sales

In all cases, the active directors and shareholders of these companies remain active in the day-to-day management and present in the shareholding of the group.

Dynamate will, on a pro forma combined basis, achieve more than 35 million euros in sales in 2023 with over 150 employees. From its four locations in Passendale (Christiaens), Ghent (Harmonize IT), Roeselare (denk IT) and Ghent (Esign), Dynamate serves more than 1,000 customers. Dynamate is the ideal partner for unburdening companies in their digital transformation and the change it brings. This ranges from software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CRM and Business Intelligence (BI), to products and services for its customers' IT infrastructure (such as cloud solutions, security and managed services), to B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, content management systems, web and mobile applications, and digital marketing solutions, all integrated with each other.


Christiaens has more than 40 years of experience with implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and own developed apps - including 'BoCount' Dynamics - at more than 600 customers, in a wide range of sectors, and has built a very strong position in Flanders. Besides financial and ERP solutions, Christiaens also delivers IT infrastructure solutions, with hardware, system software, backup, cloud, virtualization, network management, IT security and related managed services.

Christiaens believes in working with strong partners, whose products reflect the company's quality and continuity. For example, Christiaens has long-term partnerships with Microsoft, HP, Veeam, VMWare, Companyweb and many others. Christiaens has obtained recognition in the Microsoft Partner Program in the very highest category as a Microsoft Gold Partner. This guarantees that Christiaens has the highest expertise in delivering the required knowledge and skills in the field of business solutions. Thanks to this wide range of solutions, they support companies in their "digital transformation.

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Harmonize IT

Harmonize IT is the reference for ERP in the chemical industry. Chemical distribution and manufacturing companies use the internally developed ChemDis app, in combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, to improve their financial and logistics processes. Today, ChemDis provides daily ease of use to 60 customers and more than 2,000 users. Harmonize IT excels in the know-how needed to successfully carry out ERP implementations in the chemicals sector. Through this sector-specific strategy, the functional and technical consultants can excel in knowledge around this domain. The base of operations is Ghent, and the focus is the Belgian market, although Harmonize IT has experience with international implementations in more than 20 countries.

denk IT

denk IT was founded in 2006 by Dieter Haspeslagh and Kenny Casier. denk IT is a service-oriented IT company with an emphasis on personal service thanks to open communication. The company specializes in IT infrastructure and cloud computing in all its aspects and thinking along with its clients is in its DNA. Its goal is to unburden its clients so that they can work efficiently, both now and in the future. Therefore, denk IT ensures that its solutions are future-oriented and carefully follows new trends and technologies.

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Esign was founded in 2002 by Matthias Stevens, who was later joined by Anton Luyten. Esign builds digital e-commerce solutions, web and mobile applications, and offers solutions for results-oriented digital marketing and sales through online marketplaces. Besides the pronounced technical and digital knowledge of its people, Esign also offers a team of creative design specialists under the same roof. As such, Esign prides itself on combining digital expertise with creativity and passion for innovation to create customized solutions for its clients.

Our contribution

With the entry of Sofindev, the Christiaens family brings on board a strong financial and strategic partner in 2020. The Christiaens family is still an important shareholder and Alexander and Olivier Christiaens, with the support of their father and founder Marc, remain responsible for the daily management of Christiaens NV. The partnership with Sofindev will allow to accelerate the strong growth of the activities. This will involve further efforts to expand the existing team and competences.

With Dynamate, we expect to achieve a consolidated turnover of around 40 million euros in 2024, which represents a threefold increase compared to 2019, the year before Sofindev took over. Even more important than this strong growth is the strategic development of the group through the systematic expansion of its offerings, through which the group continues to make further and further strides in the total care of its corporate clients: SMEs and large enterprises. Thanks to the common focus on these customers, but each with their own specialization, a complementary group is created that can offer a quality and complete service.

The partnership between Christiaens, Harmonize IT, denk IT and Esign, now rebranded Dynamate, fits perfectly within Sofindev's strategy of supporting the growth of leading companies and building companies that are incontournable in their sector.

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“Sofindev's entry into our capital is a well-considered decision, which is part of our ambition to further grow and develop Christiaens in a dynamic and consolidating market of business software and IT service providers. With Sofindev we bring in a complementary partner who shares the same values as our family business and has a mentality and vision for the future that fits perfectly with the current needs and ambitions of our company.”

Marc, Alexander & Olivier Christiaens
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