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GeoDynamics, founded in 2004 and based in Kortrijk, is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company specialising in location-based software solutions for fleet management and time registration of mobile employees. With its own developed software, GeoDynamics allows its thousands of business customers to accurately record and track the movements, time usage, activities and location of their mobile employees. This in order to achieve an accurate payroll processing, cost calculation and optimal management of their fleet of commercial vehicles.

GeoDynamics' software also enables construction companies to digitise the mandatory registration of workers on construction sites (Check-In-At-Work) and also offers an Internet-of-Things module to detect and monitor the location and use of tools and machines.

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Geodynamics | Sofindev

Thousands of mobile-based companies, active in various sectors such as construction, installation and maintenance services, distribution, and the public sector, use GeoDynamics’ solutions to save time and money. GeoDynamics has already equipped more than 40,000 commercial vehicles and tens of thousands of tools with its solutions, and the salaries of 100,000 mobile employees are calculated based on data that the GeoDynamics hardware and software solutions generate and record.

Our contribution

Sofindev entered into a partnership with the founders of GeoDynamics, Stijn Stragier and Peter Vermeesch in 2016. With Sofindev's support, the follow-up and reporting was further developed and the strategic options were mapped out. Various acquisition opportunities inland and abroad were explored together. Thanks in part to these international contacts, the own positioning and technology roadmap was further developed and refined, from which new growth paths have emerged. In this way, we helped GeoDynamics to reinforce the strengths of its unique technological platform and create value.

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In November 2020 IK Investments Partners has acquired a majority stake from Sofindev and the management team. Following the transaction the business continues to be led by both founders, who have also reinvested alongside IK.

Jan Camerlynck and Eric Van Droogenbroeck, Managing Partners at Sofindev, said: “We have been proud to support GeoDynamics since 2016 in a partnership with Peter and Stijn. They have done a tremendous job, together with their team, to develop the company’s position as the number one provider in Belgium with a truly unique SaaS software solution for mobile workforce management. As the business has reached a certain scale to further expand to new markets, now is the right time to join grow with a new partner and we wish them every success with IK.

“Thanks to the partnership with Sofindev, we are in a stronger position to reinforce the strengths of our unique technological platform.”

Stijn Stragier & Peter Vermeesch
Founders GeoDynamics

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