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Loyals, based in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, is a fast-growing full-service agency for branding and digital transformation with a history of more than 20 years. Under the leadership of experienced entrepreneurs Youri Lieberton and Jerry Remmers, the company evolved into a prominent digital agency focused on the Dutch mid-market. Amongst its clients are many small to medium-sized businesses, but also (semi-)public authorities.

Loyals is established on a solid technical foundation that has been complemented by a strong marketing team. With a team of about 50 employees, the organization operates with a full-service business model with a focus on strategy, design, creation of brand identity and brand experience, (online) marketing, development and hybrid events. This enables Loyals to deliver custom solutions for its clients as one company and one team, whereby Loyals forms a strategic partnership with its clients’ senior management and operates as extension of their organisations for branding and digital transformation.

Our contribution

The entry of Sofindev enables Loyals to further accelerate its strong growth path. Building on its purposedly focused suite of specialised digital services, the intention is to scale the platform through expansion of the existing team and competencies. In addition, Loyals will selectively assess strategic acquisition opportunities where these are complementary to or a further deepening of the existing service offering.

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“With Sofindev we have a complementary partner on board that shares our values and has a mindset and vision which perfectly fits with the current needs and ambitions of our company. With their contribution we are ready to take the next step in strengthening our incumbent market position and expanding our service offering.”

Youri Lieberton & Jerry Remmers
Managing Directors

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