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Mabo Group is a Belgian-Dutch importer and distributor of high-quality forklifts specialising in place-saving and efficiency-enhancing solutions. The company has long-term partnerships with Moffett, Combilift and Innolift and the import rights for Belgium and the Netherlands.

A second activity of the group involves the design and production of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), components, custom-made machines with or without a driver and full warehouse automation. Mabo E&A stands for safe and reliable handling of goods in which efficiency is a key principle.

Mabo Lifting | Sofindev
Mabo | Sofindev

Mabo Group has a strong track record and owes its success to a solution-oriented sales focus combined with a strong after sales service and technical support with a one-stop shop ambition.

With Mabo-Lifting, the group has become the reference when it comes to space-saving and efficiency-enhancing forklifts. Under the leadership of Maarten and Bram Mariën-Bouwens, we are continuing to work on a wide range of specialised forklifts and automated applications in order to optimise logistics.

Our contribution

In support of the next phase of growth, the Mariën-Bouwens family sought a complementary partner with a clear added value, which they found in Sofindev. In 2019, Sofindev acquired a significant stake in Mabo Group (back then Mabo-Lifting), with the aim of supporting the further growth of the company. In September 2019, the Dutch company Mabo-Lifting Netherlands was acquired and the sister company Mabo E&A was also included in the group.

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“We found the ideal partner in Sofindev. They act as a sounding board and assist us with advice and action for our important strategic challenges.”

Bram & Maarten Mariën-Bouwens

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