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Mediagenix is a global leader in media business management solutions and the natural partner for the most diverse media companies seeking to optimize operations, boost content returns, and navigate this fast-paced industry with business agility. The business develops smart SaaS solutions to drive audience engagement and content lifetime value.

With a three-pronged approach —content strategy, content value management, and content scheduling - their Media Business Platform places efficient content lifecycle management at the core of the media business, effectively connecting the right content to the right audience profitably.

Mediagenix has its headquarters in Brussels and offices in Bangkok, Denver, London, Madrid, Miami, Singapore, Skopje, and Sydney. The team consists of 350+ experts and represents 30+ nationalities.

More than 120 media networks with thousands of channels and services worldwide work in co-creation with them as they constantly improve their software and innovate. This has put them among the top of tech vendors in the international media industry.

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Our contribution

With the entry of Sofindev, Mdiagenix takes the next step in further expanding and staying at the forefront of innovation amid accelerating change in the global media landscape. This follows the appointment in 2020 of Fabrice Maquignon as the new CEO who is to lead the company to its breakthrough as a mature global player. This new step will also further strengthen Mediagenix in their efforts to continue to develop their products and services at the level where they anticipate the media companies’ need for greater flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

“By partnering with Sofindev, Mediagenix takes an investor on board with the knowledge needed to help us make the right strategic choices and attain business maturity on a global scale.”

Dirk Debraekeleer & Fabrice Maquignon
Chairman of the Board and CEO of Mediagenix

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