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WVT Industries specialises in research, development, production and sales of industrial cleaning and disinfectant products. The company was founded in 1997 by Ward Van Thielen and quickly became a leading player in the European industrial cleaning market. The customer base consists mainly of European companies from various sectors: from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, to the automotive, aviation, metal industry, maritime, waste disposal and transport sector. WVT Industries offers its customers a wide range of safe and environmentally responsible, industrial cleaning products.

WVT Industries has completed a successful trajectory of growth in recent years and owes its success to its wide range of high-quality tailor-made cleaning products and highly specialised formulation expertise in combination with a flexible and automated production and distribution platform.

Our contribution

With a view to strengthening its international growth, Ward Van Thielen, CEO and shareholder of WVT Industries, entered into a partnership with Sofindev in 2019, through an entry into the group's capital. Ward Van Thielen is still an important shareholder and responsible for the day-to-day management of WVT Industries.

With Sofindev's entry, Ward Van Thielen has brought in a strong financial and strategic partner. This step allows WVT Industries to continue the strong growth of its business, both in its home market Belgium and internationally and both organically and through acquisitions.

In May 2020, Innovis became part of WVT Group, a supplier of cleaning and disinfectant products to professional kitchens and food wholesalers, under the brand name “DIPP Professional”.

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“Sofindev's entry is another milestone in the growth and development of WVT Industries. With Sofindev's contribution, we are armed to further strengthen our market position and develop our platform internationally.”

Ward van Thielen
Founder and CEO WVT Group

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