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Altebra has more than 30 years of experience as a specialist in fire protection in the field of design, prefabrication, installation and maintenance of sprinkler and foam extinguishing systems. Since 2011, Altebra has also been a specialist in fire and gas detection as well as gas extinguishing. The company was founded by Karel De Cock and has offices in Ophasselt (Belgium) and Deventer (The Netherlands). Thanks to its in-house knowledge of legislation and regulations, supplemented by the necessary certifications, Altebra is an expert in the full range of fire safety systems.

Altebra positions itself as a proactive partner who teams up with its customers in all phases of the project and provides practical solutions. Specialists support the customers from the design stage to the final delivery. In 2019, Altebra group realized c. 53 MEUR turnover with 70 employees.

In addition to development and installation, Altebra has a team of specialized and certified technicians to ensure the maintenance of the fire safety systems. Altebra also offers a 24-hour fault-clearing service to its customers.

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With the entry of Sofindev, Altebra brings on board a strong financial and strategic partner to continue the strong growth of its activities. Altebra will seek to strengthen its position in its home markets and accelerate its expansion outside the Benelux. Strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses are not excluded.

“Sofindev respects the values and standards within Altebra's corporate culture. This has been clearly expressed from the first acquaintance. With Sofindev we bring a strong partner on board who will further support us in our growth ambitions.”

Karel De Cock
Managing Director

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