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Delta Engineering was founded in 1992 by Danny De Bruyn and Rudy Lemeire and developed over the years into a global, leading player in the design and manufacture of machinery for the blow moulding industry.

Including the head office in Ophasselt, Belgium, Delta Engineering has 3 branches worldwide: in Belgium (research & development, production, sales and service), Romania (production) and the USA (sales & service), and employs about 200 people.

Delta Engineering offers a wide range of machines that are used after the blow moulding process. These machines have applications in quality control, packaging, unscrambling, finishing and conveying, among other
things. Through this wide range of high-quality machinery, Delta Engineering can offer its customers automation solutions to achieve efficiency improvements and increase quality.

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In addition, Delta Engineering is very strongly committed to the development and innovation of new processes, systems and machines, such as plasma coaters, an important innovation within the world of plastics. This process allows the production of packaging for finished products with high requirements for material properties, which at the same time guarantees a high degree of recyclability by using fewer (different) materials.

Delta Application Technics, which is also part of the Delta Engineering Group, designs and manufactures machines for mixing, dosing and applying two or more component, low to high viscosity products. These have a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to, coating and gluing.

Our contribution

Sofindev's entry into Delta Engineering Group brings on board a reliable and strong financial and strategic partner to continue the growth and international development of its business activities. The focus will be on expanding the range of solutions and the existing customer base, but strategic acquisitions of complementary companies are also among the possible ways to grow.

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“The choice for Sofindev is not a decision we have taken lightly. They have convinced us that they are the best partner to realize our ambition to further grow and professionalize our company. Their values, no-nonsense mentality, ambition and vision for the future fit perfectly with ours and our company's.”

Danny De Bruyn en Rudy Lemeire
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