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Steve Rousseau
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2016 (Exit in 2019)

House of Talents was founded in 2008 by Steve Rousseau and is a rapidly growing platform in the HR services sector, mainly active in the Benelux. The company is active in secondment, interim and recruitment & selection services for c.1,400 business customers. House of Talents differentiates itself from the competition by a strict focus on shortage occupations, for which demand is structurally high and rising. The platform has 12 different business units, specialising in various shortage occupations, such as nurses, engineers, technicians, butchers, etc.

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Our contribution

From the start of House of Talents, founder Steve Rousseau chose to enter into partnerships with partners to accelerate the growth of his business.. In 2016, House of Talents shareholders decided to attract a new partner. Steve Rousseau retained his 50% stake and carefully selected for a partnership with Sofindev. When Sofindev stepped in, House of Talents realised about 30 MEUR in turnover.

Sofindev's entry was part of House of Talents' reasoned and ambitious growth plans. In order to enable these growth plans, it was also necessary to strengthen the organisation, create a clear structure and set up a custom reporting. An ambitious buy-and-build strategy was defined, without losing sight of organic growth opportunities, and was meticulously implemented by the management with Sofindev's support.

Together we studied dozens of potential acquisition files, which resulted in four acquisitions over a two-year period. A huge asset was the combination of the sector knowledge of management on the one hand, and, on the other hand, Sofindev's experience and know-how to research, negotiate, finance and structure acquisitions. After two years, House of Talents' turnover had tripled to 100 MEUR.

After a very successful partnership, we decided together to attract a new partner to realise the next step in the growth story of House of Talents. Baltisse, the investment company of Filip Balcaen, acquired a majority stake in House of Talents in 2019, and Steve Rousseau and management retained a significant minority stake.

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